Kaplan 44, Tel Aviv, Israel.


I’m Gilad Krein. A Bay Area Realtor with 10+ Years of Experience.

Gilad Krein Real Estate was established with the aim of providing up-to-date and comprehensive information to real estate buyers and investors about many diverse real estate projects, properties and investments in Israel and around the world.

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In addition to the many information and coverages you will find on the site about investment projects and ventures, you can also learn about the field from comprehensive guides on real estate and investments that are published from time to time, as well as from a useful toolbox and various calculators that can help real estate buyers and investors.

The content published on the site is written by professionals with knowledge and experience in the various real estate worlds, out of a genuine desire to present reliable and high-quality information to our audience.

The team of experts of the Gilad Krein Real Estate website does its best to provide objective and independent information about real estate investments in Israel and other countries and helps its Israeli visitors to find the most suitable investment for them.

In some of the guides on the site, data is indicated. These data are taken from various authoritative sources in Israel and around the world such as: the Central Bureau of Statistics, the tradingeconomics website and other reliable sources of information.

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Kaplan 44, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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